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Using a backup program is not hard at all even if you've never tried using one in the past. Not everyone are proficient in computers and software makers know this, which is why the programs they create have user interfaces that even the least computer proficient user will be able to use. But then again, there are computer applications that are still not as user friendly as you would expect them to be. Often, backup programs created for businesses are difficult to use. Interested in a backup program? Keep reading!

You can find several backup products that perform a full image backup of your hard drive. DT Utilities PC is one example of such a backup solution. If you're on a Windows computer, this backup solution will create a backup of all your Windows OS settings. The disaster recovery feature that DT Utilities PC has will come in handy if every your Windows system crashes. You'll be able to recover your data if you have a good backup program. Hard drive failures happen all the time and for a variety reasons. TurboBackup by FileStream is a basic backup utility. TurboBackup isn't as feature rich as the other backup programs, but because it's user friendly, it's popular among many users. Another great thing about it is it doesn't use up a lot of your system's resources when you're running it. This is software is ideal for computers that have low RAM. TurboBackup is a simple backup program but it will let you back up your emails and media too. You can even save your current registry values which is a huge advantage if you've ever lost it. If you lose your registry data, then practically all of your software will become non-functional.

Backblaze is a backup solution that's internet-based. For just $5 a month, you can reliably backup your data. That's truly low enough for any computer user to afford. What's even better is that Backblaze doesn't put a limit on the amount of data you can backup. Backblaze's default interface is user-friendly and customizable. The Backblaze was obviously designed to accommodate users of different abilities which is nice for the market. This online backup service is also ideal for businesses and it costs just $50 a year.

When you're looking for a backup solution, you'll want to take into account whether you prefer an installable backup application or an online backup service. You'll find that they both have specific advantages so it's up to you to compare them and decide which one is perfect for your needs. An inexpensive online backup service may be appealing but know that the monthly fees can add up.

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